Global Studies Collections

Global and International Studies, as a discipline, has been growing steadily over the past two decades. Collections in this discipline support the study of globalization, transnational issues, and a global perspective on the world that goes beyond one country or region. The collection also supports developing programs such as Jewish Studies, Middle East Studies, and South Asian Studies. As with all international collections at KU, these small collections are not housed in separate locations, but live within the broader collections of KU Libraries in general.

The Jewish collection has strong ties to the European collection because of the long history of Jewish communities in Europe, Germany and Poland, in particular. The collection also includes materials related to the State of Israel and Jewish communities in the United States and throughout the entire world.

The Middle Eastern collection consists predominately of English-language books on topics of Middle Eastern history, cultures, languages, and Islam published in the United States and Britain. Holdings on the topics on Arabic, Persian, and Turkish languages and linguistics are strong. Materials in the vernacular languages are actively under development.

The South Asian collection at KU includes materials in English and Hindi in support of Hindi language instruction and courses about the cultures of South Asia. This collection is in its infancy.

International Collections

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