Anschutz-Budig Outstanding Librarian Award

This $2,000 award is presented annually to a library faculty member who demonstrates outstanding initiative in recent professional performance.


The primary criterion for selection of the recipient is a strong, recent record of exceptional professional performance, especially as it pertains to the creation and implementation of new initiatives or projects that advance the libraries’ vision and mission. The award is intended to recognize the accomplishments and achievements of an individual during the prior two-year period (past two fiscal years).


To be eligible for nomination, a librarian must have a faculty rank and served on the library faculty at the University of Kansas for at least one year prior to the date nominations are due:: June 17, 2022 by 5 p.m. See eligible faculty to nominate.

Nomination Procedures

A call for nominations will be made annually by the Libraries administration. Any person or group of persons affiliated with the University of Kansas may nominate an individual. Nominators are asked to supply the following information to the Selection Committee:

  • letter explaining the nominee's achievements and credentials that qualify him/her for the award
  • list of names and contact information for additional information, i.e. colleagues who can comment on the nominee's contributions

It is recommended (but not required) that the nominator inform the nominee of her/his nomination, and consult the nominee for names of colleagues who are knowledgeable of the nominee's contributions.

Nominations will remain active for two years. Librarians not selected in their first year of nomination will be reconsidered for a second time along with the newly nominated candidates. Previous nominators will be asked to update their nominations to reflect any additional accomplishments by the nominee. 

Please submit nominations using this webform.


A Selection Committee appointed annually by the Dean of Libraries will review nominations and make a recommendation to the Dean. The Selection Committee will consist of three librarians, a member of the teaching faculty, and one Library administrator (ex officio, without vote). This committee also shares responsibility for selecting the Gretchen and Gene A. Budig Distinguished Librarian Award. Neither a nominator nor any nominee (including previous year non-recipients being reconsidered) is eligible to serve on the Selection Committee. 

In the event that less than two qualified nominations are received, the award will be suspended until the following year, with any carryover nominations considered at that time.

In making its recommendation to the Dean, the Selection Committee will apply the criteria stated in the description of the Award. The report will include a ranked list with justification for each nominee.  All nominees will be informed by the Dean prior to the announcement of the winner.

All nomination materials will be considered confidential and will be retained in the Library Administrative Office files.

Previous Award Winners

  • 2021 - Amalia Monroe-Gulick, Librarian
  • 2020 - Jamene Brooks-Kieffer, Associate Librarian
  • 2019 - Betsaida Reyes, Associate Librarian
  • 2018 - None
  • 2017 - Angela Rathmel, Associate Librarian
  • 2016 - Julie Petr, Associate Librarian
  • 2015 - Brian Rosenblum, Associate Librarian
  • 2014 - Lars Leon, Librarian
  • 2013 - Whitney Baker, Librarian
  • 2012 - Fran Devlin, Librarian
  • 2011 - Sarah Goodwin Thiel, Associate Librarian