Mary McCorison Rosenbloom Teaching Award

The Mary M. Rosenbloom Teaching Award honors an individual who has created and delivered exemplary and innovative instruction programs over a two-year period. The faculty and staff of the KU Libraries teach in a variety of venues and formats, including workshops, course-integrated instruction, Web-based instruction, and credit courses offered through academic departments and other partner programs. In addition, library instructors may provide instructional support to other faculty members through the development of instructional materials, assignments, or other mechanisms for the assessment of student learning in the area of information and technology literacy. All librarians and staff who engage in teaching are encouraged to apply.

The primary criteria for selection of the recipient of this award are the design and delivery of exemplary instruction in the area of information and technology literacy and contribution to the instructional environment in KU Libraries. This is not a lifetime achievement award but instead covers work done during the past two calendar years. The award is given in odd years, and the two-year period under consideration will cover the preceding years (for example, the 2021 award process would review materials from 2020 and 2019).

Evidence of excellence in these areas will be provided through the completion of a teaching portfolio and through solicitation of reflective comments on the nominee's contributions from at least one (1) colleague either external or internal to KU Libraries.


All full-time KU Libraries faculty and staff who have completed at least two years of service to the Libraries are eligible. The most recent winner is not eligible for the next award cycle.

Nomination Procedures

A call for nominations will be made bi-annually by the Dean of Libraries. Any person or group of persons affiliated with the University of Kansas may nominate an individual, and self-nominations are encouraged. All members of the KU Libraries faculty and staff with instructional responsibilities are encouraged to consider applying for this award through peer or self nomination.

For any nomination to receive full consideration by the selection committee, it must be accompanied by the following:

  • letter of nomination explaining the nominee's achievements in teaching and in contributing to the instructional environment in the KU Libraries
  • copy of the nominee's current curriculum vitae
  • completed teaching portfolio detailing achievements in the above areas during the two-year period under consideration

Please note: Accompanying documents must be labeled to indicate they fit within this two-year period.

Criteria for Winning

Evidence for teaching excellence could include (but is not limited to):

  • clarity and enthusiasm in teaching
  • creative, original, effective teaching materials
  • design or revision of courses, curricula and materials
  • development and use of innovative methods in curriculum or teaching techniques
  • strategies to help student success and retention
  • special efforts to work with students
  • peer and/or student evaluations (please include only a summary of evaluations by course/semester)
  • management or development of instructional programs or components

Teaching Portfolios

A teaching portfolio is:

an evidence-based written document in which a faculty member strategically organizes concise, selective details of current teaching accomplishment and uses such information for documentation of performance but more significantly for reflective analysis and peer collaboration leading to improvement of teaching and student learning (Seldin, et al., 1999, 164)

The KU Libraries Teaching Portfolio documents the instructional activities and professional development activities related to teaching of individual members of the faculty and staff of the KU Libraries.

While the teaching portfolio may include information or documentation also presented as part of the annual review process, it is not used or required for annual review purposes. Compilation of a teaching portfolio is a voluntary process that may be completed on an annual basis in order to:

  • engage in reflective self-evaluation of one's contribution to the instructional service mission of the KU Libraries;
  • demonstrate evidence of instructional effectiveness as part of the annual review process or as part of the promotion and tenure process; and/or
  • meet the requirements for nomination for the Mary McCorison Rosenbloom Teaching Award.

Teaching portfolio should be formatted as follows:

Rank (if applicable):
Dates covered:
Use as much space as needed in providing the following:

  1. Brief narrative of your instructional accomplishments during this past two years
  2. Teaching participation in numbered (for credit) courses 
    For each item listed indicate: semester/year; course; enrollment; whether evaluated; Did you develop curriculum?
  3. Honors tutorials and distance education instruction
    For each item listed indicate: semester/year; course; enrollment; whether evaluated; Did you develop curriculum?
  4. Workshop development and instruction 
    For each item listed indicate: semester/year; course (if applicable); enrollment; whether evaluated; Did you develop curriculum?
  5. Collaborative relationships with departmental faculty and campus partner
    Assistance developing curriculum; customized, integrated workshops, etc.
  6. Publications and presentations given related to information literacy and/or library instruction 
  7. Professional development related to teaching
  8. Goals for the future
  9. Any other relevant/supplementary information you wish to provide

Submit the portfolio and any supporting materials by June 18, 2021, to:

Sharon Riley, KU Libraries  


Each year the Dean of Libraries shall appoint a committee to review nominations and make a recommendation to the dean.  Neither a nominator nor any nominee is eligible to serve on the selection committee. Should a member of the selection committee receive a nomination for the award, an appropriate replacement will be named to the committee by the Dean of Libraries.

In making its recommendation, the selection committee will apply the criteria stated in this description of the award. All nominees will be informed of the dean's planned action prior to the announcement of the award recipient.

All nomination materials will be considered confidential and will be retained in the personnel files held in the library administrative office.