My Account

From My Account, current library users may:

  • Review Items Checked Out to see due dates for each item
  • Renew eligible long-term loan and selected short-term loan items
  • Review and cancel Requests
  • Review Fines and Fees payable at the library
  • Review any Blocks and Messages
  • See Personal Details or Information including the postal mailing address on record with the KU Libraries
  • Save items to personal lists (Saved items/SAVED RECORDS or Bookbag) for future reference

The My Account login is also used to gain access to the Recall, Retrieve from Shelf, and TripSaver request services.

Logging in to My Account

KU (Lawrence/Edwards campuses) students, faculty, and staff have multiple options:

  • KU students, faculty, and staff may log in with their KU Online ID and Password or with their 8-digit patron barcode number and last name.
  • From KU Libraries page, under Borrow & Renew, click MY ACCOUNT and log in as instructed.
  • From within Quick Search, click Sign In in upper right corner to log in.
  • From Library Catalog, click My Account and log in as instructed.
  • From the myKU portal, log in with your KU Online ID and Password. Use the Academics dropdown to select Library Account and Resources. You will see headings for Items I Have (Items Checked Out), Items Waiting (Request Information), Fines and Fees, and My Library Account. Click My Library Account to open My Account in library records and review your personal information.

All other borrowers, including those with KU Library Borrower Cards, can log with their 8-digit patron barcode number and last name. Other Library Users do not have access to the MyKU portal.

  • From KU Libraries page, under Borrow & Renew, click MY ACCOUNT and select the Barcode Login option.
  • From within Quick Search, click Sign In in upper right corner; select the Barcode Login option.
  • From Library Catalog, click My Account and log in.


The following content provides an overview of the information available through My Account using the Quick Search and Library Catalog access options. There are variations in the content available through each option. See Asking Questions about KU Libraries Policies and Procedures if you need help or further clarification.

Items Checked Out in My Account

The Items Checked Out section lists the following information for each item:

  • Title (including author, title, location, and call number)
  • Item status:
    • Quick Search reports either a RENEW or a NOT RENEWABLE status and current due date.
    • Library Catalog reports the Charged (checked out) or Renewed status and current due date.

Recalled items are not identified as recalled:

  • Quick Search reports the new due date and NOT RENEWABLE status.
  • Library Catalog displays the new due date.
  • See Recalls and Requests for additional information.

See Renewing Library Materials for help renewing eligible library materials using My Account in Quick Search or the Library Catalog.

Request Information in My Account

The Requests tile in Quick Search reports the type of request (CALL SLIP [Retrieve from Shelf], RECALL, or HOLD). When an item is ready to be checked out at your Deliver to/Pick-up location, the phrase "Available for pickup" is added. You may CANCEL your requests from here as well.

In the Library Catalog, Request Information displays two boxes if they are applicable to the borrower: Requests Pending and Items Available. In Requests Pending, borrowers will be able to see items they have Recalled or entered Retrieve from Shelf or Tripsaver (Retrieve from Shelf) requests, items On Hold, and cancelled requests. Items that are On Hold at the checkout location are displayed in Items Available.

Terminology Used in Request Information

  • Accepted: Request has been successfully placed, but the request has not yet been viewed by library staff
  • Printed: Request has been printed, but not yet filled by library staff
  • Not Filled: Library unable to fill request; brief “No Fill” reason appears.  This reason also appears in the email notice sent to requestor.
  • Expired: The request has expired.
  • Error: An error occurred in processing the request.

Fines and Fees in My Account

The Fines and Fees section of My Account displays the charges currently on record and payable at the Checkout Desk in Watson Library (8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday).

Individual unpaid charges are transferred to the KU Student Accounts and Receivables for collection approximately 90 days following the date the charge was first incurred. Unpaid charges transferred to Student Accounts and Receivables no longer appear in the Fines and Fees display; nevertheless, they remain payable to the University.

Information displayed in Fines and Fees includes:

  • Item information, including title of the item
  • Type of charge, amount due, and date charge was incurred
  • Total Amount Due

A link to the myKU portal to pay charges due at the library is also provided. Instructions are available from Pay Library Charges Online.

Personal Details and Personal Information in My Account

Personal Details in Quick Search My Account and Personal Information in the Library Catalog display the library user’s  postal mailing address. The phone number will also appear if recorded in the circulation system’s patron record. The display address cannot be changed to the email address.

The Libraries’ primary method of communication with library borrowers is with email messages.  See Address Changes for how to update your email address in your library record.

Patron Blocks in My Account

Contact any Library Circulation Desk or the Circulation Business Specialist (in person at the Watson Library Checkout Desk, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday or, by email to to ask questions about any of the following blocks.

  • You have 00.00 in fines and fees. The limit for your group is 80.00.  [An actual dollar amount will be recorded.]
  • Your patron record expired on YYYY/MM/DD or MM/DD/YYYY.

Save Items from Quick Search or from Library Catalog

Saving and Managing Records in Quick Search

Quick Search offers multiple options for saving information.

  • The user must be Signed in to use these features. See Logging in to My Account above for information about signing in.
  • From a browse list of items, save an individual record to Save items by clicking the Pin button.
  • From a browse list of items, use the ellipsis (...) to see list of options for printing, sending to email, or exporting to citation tools.
  • The Pin button also allows you to save the query entered for future reference.
  • From within an item record, multiple SEND TO options are identified including email, printing, and export to citation tools.

For detailed assistance, see End User Help and Saving and Managing Records. Please keep in mind that the help information provided is based on the default system configuration and may not fully reflect KU services. 

Use Bookbag in My Account

A link to the Bookbag is provided from within the Library Catalog's My Account. The Bookbag feature allows you save records for up to 1,000 items, and then to print, save, or email those records. For additional information, see Bookbag Help screen in the Library Catalog.