Video Tutorials

Search Tips

Search by Language

This video explains another way to narrow your search results by filtering out languages you cannot understand and leaving those you can read.  

Quick Search

This video explains what you can find by using the KU Libraries Quick Search. Learn tips for using Quick Search effectively.


Watch this video to learn why keywords are important and how to come up with good keywords for searching.

Read It, Save It, Cite It

Save For Later

This video demonstrates different ways to save your research, so you can save time later and not repeat your previous searches.  

How to Read Scientific Articles

This work, “How to Read a Scientific Article,” is a derivative of “Breaking it Down: Scientific Articles” by Karna Younger and Rebecca Orozco used under CC BY. “How to Read a Scientific Article” is licensed under CC BY. Scientific articles can be intimidating to read. In this video, you'll learn some tips for reading these articles efficiently.

Big Picture


In this video you will learn the basics about copyright, fair use, creative commons, and the public domain.

One Perfect Source

This video underscores the importance of breaking your research topic down into subtopics to make finding relevant sources easier and more effective.