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Video Tutorials

Teach yourself about conducting research using KU Libraries’ databases and resources with these video tutorials. If you need additional assistance, contact us via chat, email, or text.

KU Libraries has over 4 million books and access to over 400 databases. This video provides an overview of KU Libraries digital resources and services and what they can offer you as a student at the University of Kansas.

Search Tips

This video explores the effectiveness of combining search terms to narrow or broaden your search results.

This video examines the pitfalls of phrase-searching and an easy solution.

This video reviews another way to broaden your search results: truncation.

This video defines scholarly articles and explains how you might be asked to use them in future research projects.

This video considers another way to narrow your search by limiting your search results by publication date.

This video explains another way to narrow your search results by filtering out languages you cannot understand and leaving those you can read.  

This video explains the benefits and drawbacks of using Google to find information.

This video explains what you can find by using the KU Libraries Quick Search. Learn tips for using Quick Search effectively.

Read It, Save It, Cite It

This video shows how to locate full-text articles, which can speed up your research timeline.   

This video details the simple process of locating and receiving research materials from other libraries.

This video demonstrates different ways to save your research, so you can save time later and not repeat your previous searches.  

This video outlines the many ways KU Libraries can help you cite your sources for your research projects.  

Big Picture

This video explains the research process and provides effective strategies for producing a robust research topic.

This video explains the process by which research makes its way from researchers' minds to the library's shelves and databases. 

This video underscores the importance of breaking your research topic down into subtopics to make finding relevant sources easier and more effective.

This video describes the peer review process for publishing research.

This video provides an overview for determining if a source is credible and why it is important to use credible sources.

This video weighs both the pros and cons of using Wikipedia as part of the research process.

This video explains what citations are and why we use them.

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—American Library Association
KU ScholarWorks offers access to more than 13,000 items created by KU faculty and students
An international leader in the open access movement
Users check out nearly 300,000 items every year
Users access more than 3.3 million articles online each year
More than 111,000 scores, books, sound recordings, and other volumes in Music & Dance Library
Anschutz Library serves as KU’s 24-hour study facility for students
More than 700 Vosper Society members support the mission of KU Libraries
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