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Covering years 1909 through 1972, this collection contains internal memos, legal briefings, and direct action summaries from national, legal, and branch offices of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People throughout the country.

A NASA-funded project which maintains four bibliographic databases containing more than 4.0 million records: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Instrumentation, Physics and Geophysics, and preprints in Astronomy. The databases cover all the major journals, many minor journals, conference proceedings, several observatory reports and newsletters, many NASA reports, and PhD theses.

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS) provides access to aerospace-related citations, full-text online documents, images, and videos. Types of information included: conference papers, journal articles, meeting papers, patents, research reports, images, movies, and technical videos - created or funded by NASA.

NISCAIR Online Periodicals Repository provides full text articles from research journals published by CSIR-NISCAIR. The articles in these journals are published under a CC BY-NC-ND license.

Search the NLR's electronic catalog for books 1708-present.  The NLR also has many specialized catalogs for different types of materials (e.g.  journals, newspapers, documents, manuscripts, etc.) as well as a growing repository for digital objects

The curators of the National Palace Museum in Taipei have carefully selected thousands of works from their permanent collection to be included in a new digitized collection. The scope of these works spans seven millennia of Chinese history and pre-history. Works include rare books, ceramics, paintings, bronzes, jewelry, studio accessories, costumes, and more.

Provides indexing and abstracts to technical reports from both U.S. and non-U.S. sponsored research. Compiled by the U.S. National Technical Information Service, the database covers topics in the sciences, engineering, business, and social sciences. Users must register with NTRL and accept terms and conditions to gain access.  (Restricted to 10 downloads per session.)

Natural Medicines contains content from both Natural Standard and Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database. It is an authoritative resource on dietary supplements, natural medicines, and complementary, alternative, and integrative therapies. Features include evidence-based natural ingredient monographs, health & wellness monographs, evidence-based commercial products, interaction checker, nutrient depletion checker, comparative effectiveness, patient handouts, CE center, Natural MedWatch, and quick reference charts.

License requires all users authenticate with KU Online ID and password - including those on campus.

A streaming audio source for classical music. It includes all the music issued on Naxos, Marco Polo, Da Capo, plus selections from 100+ other labels.  (Restricted to 10 simultaneous users.)

A streaming audio database which includes music from Naxos, Fantasy, Prestige, Pablo, and other labels.  (Restricted to 5 simultaneous users.)

A database of over 45,000 works for consultation or downloading. The FreeHand Solero viewer plug-in available at the site is required for transposing, listening, and optimized printing.   This software is installed on public computers in Gorton Music and Dance Library only.

Provides an extensive streaming video library of classical music performances, opera, ballet, live concerts and documentaries. (Restricted to 5 simultaneous users.)

A collection of economists' papers in progress, presenting initial research with intent to receive feedback and comment from the professional community.

A comprehensive source of business and investment information that offers online access to Standard & Poor's research-related products such as industry surveys, stock reports, corporation records, The Outlook, mutual fund reports and more. NetAdvantage offers screening tools, private company information, and the ability to download data into spreadsheet programs for further analysis. Dates of coverage: Current with some older information (back to 4 years).

Provides links to full-text where available for more than one million records of electronic theses and dissertations.

Online resource with over 1,850 topical articles contributed by 1,500 economists. Resource will be updated and enhanced on a quarterly basis. System capabilities include active links between articles, printing, mathematical equations viewing (MathML), and Open URL.

Documents the past of New York's African American community, including the Harlem Renaissance, the desegregation of the U.S. Military and the Civil Rights Movement.

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Provides access to full page and article images with searchable full-text from 1851 to 4 years ago.

Provides news on events, arts, sports, business and finance, and New York society from pre-Civil War until the early 20th century.

Contains the archives of leading consumer magazines of the 20th century relating to political history, current events, public policy, international relations. Among those included are Newsweek, Whole Earth, In These Times. Content ranges from 1918-2015.

Provides cover-to-cover full text for 149 national & international newspapers and selective full text for 410 U.S newspapers. The database also contains full-text television & radio news transcripts.

This resource is supported through collaborative efforts between the KU Libraries and the State Library of Kansas.

The World Collection contains over 4,000 newspapers dating from the early 1700s into the 2000s from the United States and other countries. There are a significant number of small Kansas papers included.

Provides access to more than 15,000 full-text news, legal and business sources. Includes journal articles, television and radio broadcasts, newswires, and blogs; local, regional, national and international newspapers; legal sources for federal and state cases and statutes, including U.S. Supreme Court decisions since 1790; business information on 80 million U.S. and international companies and 75 million executives. Replaces LexisNexis Academic.

Online database version of the 50 volumes of Japanese historical gazetteer, published by Heibonsha. Includes 200,000 headings with detailed explanation of the place name. Continuously updated.

This database is now merged into JapanKnowledge Lib. To search this content only, select “AdvancedSearch” and then select “Japanese Historical Place Names or 日本歴史地名大系” from the drop down box.

NK News is an independent, privately owned specialist information source that focuses on North Korea. The site intends to bring authoritative news, opinion & analysis, research tools, data and subject specialists together in one convenient place. The service was established in April 2010 and has staff in Washington DC, Seoul, and London.

One of the best researched and written African American newspapers of its era. 

Provides a personal view of what it meant to immigrate to America and Canada. Included are approximately 100,000 pages of primary source such as letters, diaries, pamphlets, autobiographies, political cartoons, and oral histories. Materials included cover a period from approximately 1840 to the present, with most of the focus on the period from 1890 to 1920. People from many countries are represented, including more recent waves of immigrants from Latin America and Asia. Several thousand pages of Ellis Island oral history interviews are indexed and searchable as well.

North American Indian Drama contains 244 plays by 48 playwrights representing the stories and creative energies of American Indian and First Nation playwrights of the twentieth century. More than half of the works are previously unpublished, and hard to find, representing groups such as Cherokee, Métis, Creek, Choctaw, Pembina Chippewa, Ojibway, Lenape, Comanche, Cree, Navajo, Rappahannock, Hawaiian/Samoan, and others. Together, the plays demonstrate Native theater’s diversity of tribal traditions and approaches to drama—melding conventional dramatic form with ancient storytelling and ritual performance elements, experimenting with traditional ideas of time and narrative, or challenging Western dramatic structure.

Search autobiographies, Indigenous publications, oral histories, personal writings, photographs, drawings, and audio files created by American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Canadian First Peoples. The interface includes a timeline of events that are cross referenced by region and tribe to improve discovery.

Novia Gazeta is a popular independent Moscow newspaper known for critical investigative reporting, working to expose corruption, abuse of power and violation of laws amongst the government and main financial structures of modern Russia. One constant has been Novaia Gazeta’s consistent reporting on a variety of contentious issues, including corruption and war crimes in Chechnya, human rights violations, torture practices in Russian prisons, and murders of political opponents. Sometimes referred to as “Russia’s bravest media outlet,” Novaia Gazeta has had several of its journalists assassinated in their line of work. The newspaper was recognized for its efforts to defend and promote free speech with the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Novaia Gazeta’s co-founder and editor-in-chief Dmitry Muratov. These archives are also available to view on the Global Press Archive (GPA) platform

Describes both fiction and nonfiction book titles for all ages. NoveList includes book lists, discussion guides, award lists, and feature articles.

This resource is supported through collaborative efforts between the KU Libraries and the State Library of Kansas.

Archive with a mix of government-level analysis, journalism, and eyewitness accounts offer diverse global perspectives on a topic that transcends national boundaries.

Includes a diverse mix of scholarly literature, clinical training videos, reference materials, evidence-based resources, including dissertations and systematic reviews.

This resource is supported through collaborative efforts between the KU Libraries and the State Library of Kansas.